Daniella Koffler is a visual story teller.

She creates enigmatic worlds referencing myths, legends and human knowledge, in art boxes and animation films.

Her works resurrect vintage objects and old papers, creating old-new life for them and reviving old-new meanings. She aims to re-connect the spectator with his/her inner self and dreams through narratives.

Daniella is inspired by old travel and children’s books, histories and secret religions.

Her art work, three-dimensional theatrical illustrations, consists of mixtures of recycled objects and drawn paper characters.

Her animation films, combining real-life objects with drawings, often explore the borderline between the real world and surrealism.

Working across the still and moving images, she uses appealing graphic imagery, searching for visual archetypes embedded in the human collective unconscious. With this imagery, she aims to explore collective memories and touch a range of human emotions: loneliness and longing, hopes and fears.

A graduate of
 the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (2011), Daniella lives and creates in Tel-Aviv.